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BetEasy Sportsbook 100% Match Bonus

Formerly BetEzy, this online sports betting site was acquired by Mat Tripp in September 2014, and as the previous head of SportsBet he brought a wealth of experience and a breath of fresh air to the enterprise when he and his expert team relaunched it as BetEasy.

Intuitive navigation

Before launching the new website, the BetEasy team spend months planning it and researching what punters really want, and it seems to have been well worth the wait. You can access the site very easily from any Mac or PC, and there is a mobile website as well. If you are using an Apple or Android handset you will also be able to download and install a very well-made application.

Whatever you are using, you will appreciate the easy navigability and smooth functionality of the site. The user-friendly layout is arranged in three columns, with the leftmost featuring a racing tab that expands to list the next five races that are to jump. The current sporting events are also listed here, in order of popularity. The middle section will display the odds on all available markets once you have made your selection, which are automatically updated do you always have the latest information. After you have made your final choice you will be taken to your bet slip. Moving around the site is so logical that it often feels almost intuitive.

Placing your best bets

The great flow on the website allows you to get a real sense of your wagering options, and make the best decisions about how to place your bets. You can choose from a huge range of domestic betting options and future markets including the national favourites like AFL, NRL and Super Rugby games. Since being relaunched, the sports betting site has also encompassed American markets like NFL and NBA games. You can choose from handicap, line and margin bets, over/wagers and many more.

The most popular betting activity in Australia is still Horse Racing, with so many punters that it borders on being a national pastime. Enthusiasts are very well looked after at BetEasy. In an exciting and unusual twist, the site allows you to lay bets on your predicted losers as well as backing who you think will win. For each race a full form is displayed, and you can choose from a range of simple and exotic bets. Every stage of your punting journey is catered for.

To boost your winnings even more, you can put the regular generous promotions on the site together with your punts in canny combinations. Your first deposit will be rewarded with a huge Match Bonus, which gives a good indication of what is to come. Keep an eye open for the new promotions as these are launched all the time and can take your wins from decent to spectacular.

Sturdy support

The final component to smooth punting is good support and administration, so that any digressions from punting are over as quickly as possible. To deal with any arising issues, you can contact efficient Customer Service agents at any time via multiple channels. The site is secured under the Australian Privacy Principles so all your information is totally confidential, and your finances are even more protected with 128 bit SSL encryption for every transaction. You can choose from a wide range of transfer options, so everyone’s needs are easily met.

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The BetEasy team is committed to looking after every customer in every way. You owe it to yourself to visit this online Australian sports betting site.

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