Drone Racing Betting Hits the UK

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drone-racing-bettingDrone Racing Betting – The New Online Betting Market

Over the past decade the use of drone technology has exploded all over the world. With advances in micro technology and a huge reduction in material costs, commercial drones have become affordable and seemingly ubiquitous. With more and more people able to purchase and modify drones at home, it was always going to be a matter of time before drone racing became a real sport.

Today, drone racing has been dubbed the sport of the future, with hundreds of professional pilots joining the prestigious Drone Sports League. With obvious comparisons to eSports, drone racing has captured the attention of sports enthusiasts from all over the world.

Hi Tech Competition

This highly competitive sport sees ace pilots flying their customised high-performance drones through a series of obstacles over a set course. Wearing first-person-view (FPV) goggles, players receive live steaming video directly from their airborne drone.

On the 17th of October 2016, the Drone Sports Association (DSA) will host the World Drone Racing Championships in Hawaii. Held over a period of five days, the best pilots in the Drone Racing League (DRL) will compete for a share of the USD 100 000 in prize money.

Pilots from over 30 countries will compete in six different categories. These include individual quad, freestyle, wing, team, sponsored team and the exhibition category. The 2016 World Drone Championships will be screened live on ESPN.

Drone Racing Betting at the World Champs

In response to the growing popularity of drone racing, a prominent UK based sports betting agency is offering the world’s first drone racing betting. Going live for the World Champs, drone racing betting odds will be offered on the outright winner of the event held in Hawaii. The betting site will offer punters advice and tips on how to go about placing a bet and offer inside information on top-seeded pilots vying for the title.

If successful, online betting at the world champs could pave the way for a worldwide movement to include drone racing betting in every online betting market in Australia, and around the world. If eSports is anything to go by, the sport of drone racing is set to become an international phenomenon is a very short time. It may well be that in less than a year, international betting agencies will get on board and offer drone racing betting across multiple betting platforms all over the world.

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