Best Wimbledon Betting & Odds in Australia 2024

If you’re an avid online sports betting enthusiast you already know that the latest Wimbledon tournament is on the horizon. The prestigious, star-studded event is an exciting time, especially if you participate in Wimbledon betting. This year’s Wimbledon runs from June 27th to July 10th 2024. Read on to learn more about how Wimbledon betting works, what the Wimbledon odds are standing at, and how you can get in on the action and win big.

Best Wimbledon Betting Sites In Australia 2024

TOP wimbledon betting SITESJuly 2024
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Best Current Wimbledon Odds for 2024

Here are the current Wimbledon odds. Keep in mind that odds may change leading up to the event, depending on circumstances. So these numbers shouldn’t necessarily be seen as Wimbledon final odds.

Wimbledon Men’s Odds

Novak Djokovic11/10
Matteo Berrettini8/1
Rafael Nadal10/1
Stefanos Tsitsipas12/1
Denis Shapovalov14/1
Carlos Alcaraz14/1
Alexander Zverev14/1
Felix Auger Aliassime20/1
Roger Federer25/1
Hubert Hurkacz33/1

Wimbledon Women’s Odds

Iga Swiatek11/2
Naomi Osaka7/1
Emma Raducanu10/1
Serena Williams12/1
Simona Halep12/1
Karolina Pliskova14/1
Garbine Muguruza16/1
Petra Kvitova16/1
Cori Gauff18/1
Bianca Andreescu18/1

Understanding Wimbledon Betting Odds

Depending on where you are in the world, and what online tennis betting site you’re using, odds may be shown differently. It is important to understand that all Wimbledon odds are giving the same information, simply using a different format. However, if you want to participate in Wimbledon betting it’s important to understand all odds formats. Here is a brief explanation of each style of odds.

American Wimbledon Odds

All American odds are set around a base number of $100. It is, of course, possible to bet more or less than $100, with the system simply using the number as a point of reference. Odds will be shown as something like +100 or -150. In this case + represents the underdog and – the favourite. In the case of + the amount is how much you will win if you bet $100. In the case of – the amount is how much you must bet to win $100.

Fractional Wimbledon Odds

All other styles of odds don’t use $100 as the base value. Fractional odds will appear as something like 10/1. The 10 is the amount you will win, and the 1 amount you are betting. So in the case of 10/1 if you bet $1 and win the payout is $10. If you bet $10 the payout is $100. This example uses very favourable odds, with most real odds not being so good.

Decimal Wimbledon Odds

Decimal odds are the most straightforward, indicating the total amount paid out on any stake. Importantly, decimal odds include the original stake in the payout shown. Decimal odds will appear as something like 2.5. This indicates that you will get paid out 2 and a half times your stake. So if you bet $1 at 2.5 odds the payout is $2.50.

Implied Wimbledon Odds

Implied odds are simply converting given odds to a more digestible number. Many betting pros use implied odds to find the best betting option. If odds are 2.5 as an example, we divide the odds by 1. This gives us 0.4. Hence the resulting implied odds are 40%. Implied odds are an important factor to consider if you want to take part in Wimbledon betting.

Wimbledon Betting Terms Explanation

Wimbledon betting, like all sports betting, uses a few specific terms. Here is an explanation of common terms used by online bookmakers.

Match Betting

Match betting is simply staking money on a single match. Importantly, this is not a bet on the player to win the tournament outright, only that single match. Broader betting options do exist.

Set Betting

Set betting is a wager on specific sets, rather than who will win the match outright. For example, if a set currently stands at 1-1 you can bet on 2-1, or vice versa. These bets are available while a game is in progress.

Betting on the Set Winner

As the name suggests, you can also bet outright on which player will win a specific set. Again, this bet is available while a match is in progress. You can even bet on multiple sets of a single match, as you prefer.

Handicap Betting

In Wimbledon betting often a more skilled player will be up against a less skilled player. If this is the case a bookmaker will often apply a handicap. In handicap betting, you will not be betting against the actual result, but rather a result given by the bookmaker. For example, if you bet on the favourite to win the wager will come with a number. For your bet to pay out the favourite must win, but by as many points as the number indicates.

Over/Under Games or Sets

Over/under betting is a wager on if the total points of a game or set are over or under a set amount. The betting option will clearly show what the set amount is.

Outright Winner

Outright winner, as the name suggests, is a bet on which player will win the tournament outright.

Wimbledon Betting Tips For Pros

If you want to be a smart bettor and make the most out of every wager, take note of these essential tips.

Manage Your Money

Smart bettors know that managing money is a big part of success. Know how much you want to stake and do not exceed the limit. Pay careful attention to how much you versus how much you lose. Never bet with money you can’t afford to lose.

Do Research

Don’t bet with your heart, always bet on who you predict will win. Betting with your heart is a sure way to land up with empty pockets.

Listen To Tipsters

Reputable bookies like Ladbrokes Australia provide professional tipsters, all of whom give free advice on who they think will win. Listen to what they say and combine their advice with your own research.

Former Wimbledon Champs To Watch

Novak Djokovic2022, 2021, 2019, 2018
Roger Federer2017
Andy Murray2016

Wimbledon Betting Australia FAQs

Who has the best record at Wimbledon?

Bjorn Borg and Roger Federer are seen as the best players overall. Both are tied for 5 consecutive wins in a row.

How many players participate in Wimbledon?

128 Players. This includes the Men’s and women’s divisions in the tournament.

Can I bet on Wimbledon with and for real money?

Yes you can. Many licensed online sportsbooks provide real money Wimbledon betting options.

Who is favoured to win the Wimbledon in 2024 (men/women)?

Novak Djokovic is heavily favoured in the Odds to win the tournament again. Iga Swiatek is favoured to win the women’s division.

What are the payouts/prizes for Wimbledon?

The total prize pool of the 2022 tournament was £40,350,000. The outright winners received £2,000,000.