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Horse racing dates back to numerous decades ago, at a time when going to the horse racing track was one of the most exciting ways in which one could fill their time. An esteemed hobby previously reserved for the rich and glamorous, it has since evolved to open up to a much wider audience. These days, the ordinary man on the street will be more than welcome at the racetrack. But this, like everything else, has adapted with the changing times to level with the technological playing field that so many of us centre our lives on. As a result of this, online horse betting has become a phenomenon that so many punters all over Australia subscribe to. The sudden surge in the popularity of online horse betting is testament to the fact that the hobby is an exciting one, combining all the right elements of chance and possibility.

When it comes to horse racing, it can often be hard to stay on top of things even when you follow the official Racing body of Australia. The frontrunners, so to speak, constantly change, with favourites often slipping down the line-up fairly quickly. This does, of course, make everything more exciting because at any point, one horse can emerge as the favourite amongst all the others. For this reason, there are of course, many things to consider when you indulge in some online horse betting. Once a horse stands out for you as a potential winner, you need to look at its age, track record and fitness level. As soon as you have established all three of the above, it is time to start looking at the odds and whether or not they are in favour of the horse. Check which horses are racing in the Melbourne Cup, as well as what their recent form is before you think about placing a bet. When you are confident in your decision, it is then time to place your bet on any one of the horse racing betting sites available to punters in Australia.

Top Horse Racing Betting Sites

TOP horse bet SITESSeptember 2020
1 IE allowed5/5100% Match up to $250 Bet now
2 IE allowed4.9/5100% Match Bet now

Of course, knowing a little bit about the jockey is also important. The jockey and the horse do form a team, after all, and their partnership is what could lead you to winning some money. Similar to the horse itself, you need to research the jockey’s track record before placing any bets. With all of these factors to consider, finding the right site from which to indulge in horse betting can be hard. However, that is why we are here. We sift through all of the sports betting sites available to punters in Australia and find the best ones that support horse betting. It is important to find horse racing betting sites that you are comfortable with, as it will give you the kind of peace of mind that is priceless when it comes to any kind of betting scenario.

All in all, punters in Australia are lucky enough to have a strong plethora of horse racing betting sites to choose from. This is only a blessing, as the rate at which horse betting has grown as a hobby in Australia is exponential, proving the fact that this pastime is one that is likely to stay as popular for quite some time to come.