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Australian punters love sports betting, which takes the form of making a bet, or wager, on the result of some type of sports event, with the intention of winning more money. There are a few exceptions, like spread betting, and wagers called draw no bet, among others, but usually a wager will have one of two results. Punters will either secure a profit, based on odds offered by the bookmaker, or they will forfeit the amount they have chosen to bet. Choose a sports betting guide to help you make winning tennis bets, rugby, AFL games, NFL games, cycling and other competition betting.

A sports betting guide can help Australian punters lay bets on fixture results, or those of a tournament, as well as competitions that occur during a fixture. As an example, in a soccer bet on a match between Manchester United and Arsenal, punters could lay wagers on Manchester United beating Arsenal, Manchester United winning the game with a score of two to one, Manchester United winning by one goal, Manchester United being in the lead at half time, and specific players within the team scoring a goal. A variety of bets is always available, and can be chosen according to the punter’s preference.

Top Sports Bookies Guides

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An enterprise that provides punters with a sports betting guide and services is called a bookie, bookmaker, betting agency or sportsbook. The service providing a marketplace wherein odds are set is known as a betting exchange, and customers placing bets are known as punters or bettors.

Making use of a sports betting guide to place a wager on the outcome of an event is called backing the outcome, and punters can lay wagers both for and against certain outcomes. A lay bet is one in which you have wagered against an outcome. Use a sports betting guide to figure the odds, lay a wager, and bet on the result of a competition that interests you. Laying a bet against Tiger Woods to win a golfing tournament, for example, will ensure you collect a payout if anyone besides Tiger Woods takes first place, but will have you lose your money if he does go on to win.

Selecting a good bookmaker is an individual process, as everyone’s preferences and needs are different. Start by creating a list of respectable agencies, ones that are reliable and secure, from the list of agencies available on this website. Those represented here have all been evaluated, and have been selected as the best of what is available in Australia.

Finding the Best Sports Betting Guides

From the beginner to bettors who are more experienced, you will be able to find all the information you need to make good choices as far as wagering goes with the sports betting guide available here. Information on what sports betting comprises, to a list of reputable sportsbooks, guides to in play betting, the basics on odds formats, multi betting and arbitrage are all available here, ensuring that the wagers you make are winning ones more often than not. Whatever handicap you may prefer, you will find it available here, and you will soon be hazarding more educated guesses than you have been until now.