Best AFL Betting Sites in Australia

Best AFL Betting Sites in Australia

Welcome to the exciting world of AFL betting. This is where people who love Australian football and the thrill of placing smart bets meet. As the 2024 season is in full swing, bettors start a journey full of changing odds for the AFL and expert advice.

From looking into line betting strategies to investigating AFL betting odds, this guide covers all the important parts of AFL betting. Come with us as we break down game nuances, give you usable betting methods, and give you AFL betting tips. We will set the stage for an unforgettable season of smart bets and big wins in AFL betting.

AFL Betting Sites

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Best AFL Betting Odds

There are some fundamental sports betting guides for the beginner punter looking to join the AFL juggernaut. The first recommended step when betting is that biases can be fatal. That is to say a favourite team may not always be the wisest choice. 

Favourites do not always win. Know the AFL Grand Final bets, from all aspects. This one stems from the mathematics behind the statistics of national betting leagues. Betting online and on a medley of different sites allows punters to bet amongst the larger, national groups also partaking in AFL betting. Plus, it tends to even out and ensure better AFL Premiership odds. This applies especially if the first guideline got avoided as a larger pool of punters often negates the biased AFL betting odds of a home team vote.

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Safe Aussie Rules Betting Online

The AFL betting odds guide supporting and facilitating these Australian rules league bets are safe and secured. Utilising the latest encryption software and with a dedicated support staff on hand 24/7, punters in Australia can rest assured that while they search for that big win by sifting through all the statistics and highlights, the sites offering AFL Grand Final bets are doing so with a seasoned fervour. The online wagering world remains invigorated by the AFL Premiership odds market. Now, the ball is firmly in the court of the educated and committed Australian punter, the lovers of the game of Australian Rules football, to get involved and clean up all the wins!

Best AFL Betting Tips

AFL betting is fast, fun, energetic and very rewarding. But if you follow these tips you’ll find it even more so. We want you to make the most out of every wager you place, and to enjoy your AFL betting experience to the max!

When you place AFL Premiership bets you should always check out the most recent stats at the official Australian Football League site. You should also read up on the most recent news much like you’d check the polls for election betting odds. Teams that have been doing well, players that have spent time on the bench, injuries that have affected teams and all other bits and pieces of information can and should impact how you wager. The more you know about the teams and the players, the better your insight will be. And, you may well be able to make a better prediction as to what the outcome will be.

It is also always a good idea to check the available AFL betting odds and to see if they differ from sportsbook to sportsbook. We bring you the very best sites here and they all offer competitive odds, but from time to time, you’ll find that some of our sites have better odds than others. There is no harm in shopping for the best AFL betting odds, as great odds can mean a big win!

AFL betting is something that may take time and patience, and the more you bet, the greater your skills will be. It’s a journey we are more than happy to take with you, and we’ll steer you in the right direction, every step of the way. For the best online betting sites around, look no further, we’ve got everything you need right here. AFL betting has never been easier, and it suddenly got so much more rewarding too.

What is AFL Line Betting?

Line betting in the AFL introduces an intriguing dimension to the world of sports wagering. This is where the dynamic landscape of AFL live betting, AFL live odds, and general AFL sports betting seamlessly blends. This strategic approach aims to level the playing field between teams of varying strengths. It offers punters an alternative to traditional head-to-head bets.

In line betting, a handicap is assigned to each team, introducing a point spread that influences the outcome of wagers. For example, if the Adelaide Crows are considered the stronger side, they may have a negative point spread. While the Brisbane Lions, the perceived underdog in this example, will have a positive point spread. This adjustment in odds is a key feature of Ladbrokes AFL and other prominent sports betting platforms.

Line betting particularly impacts AFL Premiership odds and AFL Grand Final odds. This is because it involves predicting the winner and the margin of victory. This creates an engaging betting experience. This is especially true for those who revel in the excitement of AFL live betting. Punters can place bets during the course of the game. This allows them to adjust their strategies based on real-time developments and AFL live odds.


As the season progresses, line betting becomes a focal point in AFL finals odds. This is where the playoff rounds leading to the Grand Final sees intense competition. Punters who are keen on maximising potential winnings explore various line betting strategies. They’ll also need to analyse team strengths and weaknesses and keep an eye on the odds, play conditions and recent performances.

The culmination of the AFL season, the AFL Grand Final, attracts significant attention. This is where enthusiasts eagerly look to bet on the AFL Grand Final. Line betting, with its nuanced approach, allows punters to navigate the complexities of this pinnacle event. It also adds an extra layer of excitement and strategy to the comprehensive realm of AFL sports betting.

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Popular AFL Bets & Markets

Premiership Betting

Premiership betting is amongst the most popular types of AFL betting in the country. Most casual punters focus on predicting which team will get crowned champion at the AFL Grand Final. But although betting on who will win the premiership is the obvious option, the season itself actually lasts throughout the year. There are dozens of premiership betting options across many matches, with AFL premiership odds fluctuating as the season progresses.

Match Betting

Match betting is the most straightforward way to get involved in AFL betting. This is the prospect of focusing on a single match, guessing which team will be victorious, and putting down money. Sportsbooks will assign each team AFL odds, which will determine how much a successful bet pays out. It is a good idea to investigate AFL betting tips before committing to a bet.

Over/Under Betting

Over/under betting is much the same as match betting, but with an added twist. Since the skill gap between certain AFL teams is sometimes so broad, sportsbooks will assign a handicap to a team in order to narrow the gap. Over/under betting is the act of adjusting AFL betting odds to create a tighter, most interesting betting market.

First Goal Scorer

The first goal scorer bet is exactly what it sounds like. A bet gets put on a player as the first goal scorer of the match. The bet can also get divided up for the first scorer of a particular team, as well as the first scorer per each of the four quarters of a match. The first goal scorer bet generally has favourable AFL odds that produce excellent payouts.

Most Disposals

The most disposals bet is a prediction of which player will gather the most touches. It is another simple betting option for AFL bets, and another option that appeals to a broad range of casual punters. Similar to the first goal scorer bet, the most disposals bet has a number of betting option subsections. The bet can be in relation to a particular team, or even a matchup of one player versus another player.

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AFL Strategies

Successful AFL betting requires a strategic approach, and bettors can benefit from adopting proven strategies. Here are some key AFL betting  strategies, along with examples:

  • Research and Analysis

    Informed decisions are the answer to the question of what is Australian football successful betting. Analyse team performance, player statistics, recent form, and head-to-head matchups before placing your bets.

    Example: Before a match between Carlton and Collingwood, analyse their recent performances, injury reports, and historical clashes. This will allow you to make an informed bet once you know their odds for the AFL.

  • Value Betting

    Identify instances where bookmakers undervalue a team’s chances. This is how you answer the question: What is line betting AFL that works? It involves finding discrepancies between your assessment of a team’s likelihood to win and the odds offered by bookmakers.

    Example: If Essendon is in great form but is considered the underdog, there might be value in placing a bet on them.

  • Line Betting Strategy

    Make sure you know what does line mean in AFL betting before you try to make a wager! Understand the dynamics of line betting and leverage this strategy to your advantage. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of teams to predict how they will perform against the assigned point spread.

    Example: Does Fremantle have a strong offence and is facing a weaker defensive team? Then consider placing a bet on them to cover the spread. This answers the question of what is line betting in AFL when it works.

  • Bankroll Management

    Set a budget for your AFL betting activities and stick to it. Managing your bankroll responsibly ensures longevity in the betting game and minimises the impact of losses.

    Example: Allocate a specific amount of money for AFL betting each week or month. This helps you avoid chasing losses by exceeding your predetermined budget.

Game Fixtures

The AFL season has a fascinating schedule of games, a tapestry woven with the thrill of rivalries and the chase for Premiership success, and the AFL betting odds are always changing. Fans are looking forward to the “clash of titans,” and the schedule shows a series of intense matches between top teams, each trying to win on the holy grounds of famous stadiums and fields. The AFL season offers an exciting trip to many exciting places, from the historic MCG in Melbourne to the famous SCG in Sydney and the beautiful setting of the Adelaide Oval.

Mark your calendars for exciting games between teams like the GWS Giants, Geelong Cats, and more that show what Australian football and AFL betting are all about.

This guide tells you everything you need to know about AFL fixtures, including team matches, game locations, famous venues, and important dates that make the season full of happy and sad moments.

The Broadcasters of AFL

The exciting action of Australian football (AFL) comes to life through the lenses of respected broadcasters who skillfully record and share the passion for the game with people all over the world. As the season of 2024 goes on, fans can look forward to a dynamic group of broadcasters dedicated to providing unmatched coverage. Fox Footy, Seven Network, and Kayo Sports are all networks that people think of when they want to watch the AFL. They show a lot of analysis before the games, detailed commentary, and long talks after the games.

Fox Footy is one of the best AFL broadcasters because it gives viewers a full and engaging experience. Fans can stay in touch with the game on Fox Footy, which is known for its intelligent commentators, expert analysis, and cutting-edge technology. Fox Footy is the best at showing AFL games, whether they’re breaking down big moments or giving viewers exclusive access behind the scenes.

The Seven Network has long been a major part of bringing Australian football to TVs and will continue to be a major force in AFL broadcasting and, as a result, AFL betting. Seven Network, which is known for its wide coverage, shows the games on both standard TV and digital platforms, so fans can watch every exciting moment from home or while they’re out and about.

Kayo Sports is becoming a popular choice for people who like to watch TV when they want to. This streaming service is perfect for modern sports fans because it has an easy-to-use interface and lots of features, such as the ability to watch more than one game at once, connect with stats, and make your own highlight reels. These features are perfect for AFL betting, particularly live betting.

To sum up, the 2024 AFL season will have many different ways to watch it, and each will bring its own style to the game. Whether you choose Fox Footy for its in-depth analysis, Seven Network for its classic charm, or Kayo Sports for its ease of use, you can be sure that all three will give you a front-row seat to the exciting action of Australian football. Watch the games, buckle up, and get lost in the magic of the AFL season.

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What the 2023 Results Mean for 2024

What fans and AFL betting enthusiasts want to know as the 2024 AFL season starts is how likely it is that last year’s winners and runners-up will make a big difference again. After winning the Premiership, Collingwood is looking forward to the new season with high hopes and a strong desire to protect their title. As far as AFL betting tips go, the squad is stable, good at strategy, and still riding high from their last win, so they are strong contenders for another great performance.

On the other hand, the Geelong Cats have tasted the bitter taste of being runner-up and are hungry for revenge going into the new season. They’ll no doubt be popular when it comes to AFL live betting this year! Losing in the Grand Final broke their hearts, but it also pushed them to improve their skills, work on their weaknesses, and put up a strong fight for the Premiership. Their chances of coming back rely on things like changes to the roster, player form, and the changes made to their strategy over the offseason, and people interested in AFL betting would do well to keep this in mind.

The AFL is naturally unpredictable, but the winners and runners-up from last year will be strong teams in 2024 because of their achievements. As a new season of Australian football begins, fans can look forward to the electrifying presence of Collingwood protecting their throne and the Geelong Cats seeking redemption. This will add to the excitement and drama of the AFL season and add an extra measure of excitement to AFL betting.

AFL Betting FAQ

Who has won the most AFL Grand Finals?

Carlton football club currently has the record for the most number of AFL grand final wins; 16.

Which AFL team has the most premierships?

Essendon and Carlton tie for this honour. Each team has a total of 16. As it stands, only a handful of teams in the AFL have never won a premiership, including Greater Western Sydney, Gold Coast and Fremantle. These three teams also happen to be amongst the four newest in the competition.

Who is the Favorite to win the AFL Grand Final?

It is never a certainty who will win the AFL Grand Final, but there is a current heavy leaning towards Brisbane and Melbourne. The teams are the clear favourites to win, with each team receiving 6 votes from a pool of AFL club captains. Even still, there is still a chance of an upset or underdog team managing to come out on top.