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Golf betting is a popular pastime for many sports fans. And topping the list for a huge number of golf betting enthusiasts is the annual US Masters.

US Masters betting is just about as exciting as golf bets get. And with this year’s tournament scheduled to tee off at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia on April 6, golf’s best betting action is just around the corner. Use our US Masters betting tips & betting guides to make the most of your wagers.

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Golf Masters Overview

People often say that the US Masters is the best golf tournament in the world. Fans and bettors alike are drawn to it because it has a long history and is very prestigious. Since the Masters is one of the 4 big golf tournaments, it is one of the most difficult and skilled events in the sport. The event is held every year at Georgia’s Augusta National Golf Club. The greens are immaculately kept, and the course is difficult enough to test the skills of even the most experienced pros.

The Masters odds are always changing, which makes fans more excited as players compete for the coveted green jacket, which represents mastery of the sport. In addition to the big prize money, winning the Masters can change the course of a golfer’s career, making them a star and leaving their mark on the history of the game. The Masters golf betting odds make an already exciting event even more so for fans and bettors alike. They also show how important the game is on the professional golf circuit.

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US Masters Tournament Structure

The 2024 US Masters will tee off with a practice round on April 3 and conclude after four rounds of play on April 9. A different round is played each day.

Each round of play consists of a total of 18 holes. What’s more, each round will be allocated a par, being the number of ideal strokes to be beat when sinking the ball in the hole. Obviously, the aim is to remain as far under par as possible.

Once the second round has been concluded, players enter into a ranking process. Only the 50 top scorers will qualify to compete in the third and fourth rounds.

The prestigious US Masters event has a format that includes 4 days of tough competition over 72 holes of stroke play. Augusta National’s famous course is set up in a way that tests players’ skills and endurance.

Practice games are the first part of the event. This gives players a chance to get used to the course. The Par 3 Contest is a fun way to start the festivities. Players show off their skills on a specially created par-3 course. As people get more excited, they eagerly look at the Masters betting odds to try to figure out who might win.

Then the big tournament days start, running from Thursday to Sunday. Every day, rivals play on the immaculately kept fairways and greens, hoping to win the coveted green jacket. In the middle of all the drama and excitement, Masters betting hits a fever pitch, making an already exciting event even more so.

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Key Contenders and Players to Watch

As the US Masters gets closer, golf fans and bettors are eagerly looking at the field to see who the top contenders are that will win the famous green jacket. Xander Schauffele, the defending winner, is one of the favourites. He has been playing very well lately and is very good at Augusta National. Also, World No. 1 Jon Rahm is a strong candidate going into the tournament because he has played well in previous events and his game is well-suited to the challenges of the Masters.

Players with a lot of experience, like Dustin Johnson, Jordan Spieth, and Rory McIlroy, who have won multiple majors and have a good track record at Augusta, are always the favourites. They know how to play the game well and can handle stress, which makes them great choices for people who want to take part in Masters betting.

You should also keep an eye on up-and-coming players like Collin Morikawa and Viktor Hovland. Their impressive skills and recent wins suggest that they could have big results at the Masters. These young stars add a level of unpredictability to the event, making it an interesting place for golf, Masters betting included.

People are also interested in well-known players who are playing in their first US Masters. For example, rising stars like Scottie Scheffler and Sam Burns are getting a lot of attention because of how well they play on the PGA Tour. At the same time, the return of pros like Sergio Garcia, who won at Augusta in 2017, makes the field more competitive and makes people who enjoy Masters betting curious.

With a thrilling matchup expected at Augusta National, bettors will be closely following the Masters odds to learn more about the tournament’s most interesting stories and possible shocks. As the competition heats up and the excitement grows, the US Masters promises to have thrilling moments and unique drama that will keep both spectators and bettors interested.

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Masters Betting Odds 2024 Predictions

Entering the 2024 US Masters as the ultimate favourite to win is none other than Northern Irishman, Rory McIlroy. The US Masters remains the one major trophy McIlroy has yet to win during his prestigious golfing career.

Other early Masters picks include Jon Rahm (Spain), Scottie Scheffler (US), Justin Thomas (US), Cameron Smith (AUS), Jordan Spieth (US), Brooks Koepka (US), and Xander Schauffele (US).

McIlroy certainly showed his steel when he made his way back to the top of the Official World Golf Ranking with his grand victory at The CJ Cup. Right now, most popular sportsbooks with early Masters picks, like Ladbrokes Australia have McIlroy pegged at around +900 to win the US Masters 2024.

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The Top US Masters Golf Betting for 2024

Those same sportsbooks have posted the following golf odds for these favourites:

  • Jon Rahm +1100
  • Justin Thomas +1600
  • Scottie Scheffler +1400
  • Jordan Spieth +2000
  • Cameron Smith +1300
  • Dustin Johnson +2900
  • Will Zalatoris +2200
  • Xander Schauffele +2200
  • Colin Morikawa +2200
  • Patrick Cantlay +2200
  • Brooks Koepka +3500
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Course Overview: Augusta National Golf Club

The prestigious US Masters event is held at the Augusta national golf club, which has a long history Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts opened the club in 1933, and its beautiful grounds have been the site of many important events in golf history since then. The famous green jacket, which is ceremoniously given to the Masters winner, is a big part of its appeal. It’s a tradition that shows you belong to Augusta’s exclusive group.

The course is a work of art. It was carefully planned to challenge and amaze players with its unique shape and natural beauty. Augusta’s rolling greens, framed by tall pines and bright azaleas, make for a stunning scene for the best golfers in the world. Hazards that are put strategically, like the infamous Rae’s Creek and difficult bunkers, require accuracy and strategic skill, which alters Masters odds and betting strategies

Changes in elevation across the course add another level of difficulty, altering which clubs to use and where to hit the ball. The lightning-fast, undulating greens are very difficult, testing both the mental and putting skills of the players. Augusta’s strategic design is best shown by the par-5 13th, which has a risk-reward approach over Rae’s Creek, and the difficult par-3 12th, which is known for its swirling winds and dangerous water dangers.

As golfers navigate Augusta National’s famous course, they face a real test of skill and planning, where every shot could lead to victory or disaster. These interesting challenges add to the appeal of the event, which affects the odds of the Masters golf tournament and draws fans from all over the world. As long as Augusta National Golf Course is there, the Masters will always be golf’s most prestigious event, full of dramatic moments and lasting memories. Begin your Masters betting odds journey with us now!

Popular US Masters Betting Markets

There are a variety of popular golf online betting markets. Our list below touches on some of the all-time favourites among golf betting enthusiasts:

  • Outright Winner for the US Masters. This is perhaps one of the simplest and most common US Masters bets. In short, the outright winner golf bet involves putting your money on the golfer you think is going to win the tournament.
  • US Masters Winner’s Nationality. Just as the name suggests, this golf bet predicts what the nationality of the winner will be.
  • To Make the Cut. As mentioned before, after the first two rounds of the tournament, there is a cut-off line where only the top 50 golfers get to advance to the rest of the tournament. This type of golf bet predicts whether a player will perform well enough to “make the cut” of 50.
  • Three-Ball Betting. This type of bet is absolutely unique to golf tournaments. During the initial two days of the US Masters, players are grouped into threes. Bettors can then predict who they think will post the best score of the trilogy.
  • Top Finisher. This bet involves predicting which player will achieve a particular placement or rank in relation to the overall leaderboard.
  • Prop Bets. Prop bets, which stands for proposition bets, are bets on outcomes or occurrences other than the conventional winner prediction at the US Masters golf competition. These Masters betting options can be placed on everything, from whether a certain golfer will make a hole-in-one to a player’s score on a given hole.

If you want to bet on this tournament, you need to know about the Masters odds. Odds are the chance that a certain event will happen. Odds are usually shown in 1 of 3 ways: fractional (like 5/1), decimal (6.00), or American (like +500). Say the chances for a golfer are 5/1. This means that if the golfer wins, the bettor stands to win $5 for every $1 bet.

There are a few things you should think about before Masters betting. It’s important to look at course factors like weather and course setup because Augusta’s layout can have a big effect on how well players do. Also, looking at a player’s recent form, past success at Augusta National, and recent results can help you decide what to bet on.

With the allure of the best golfers competing for glory and the unpredictable nature of the Masters, figuring out the odds takes a mix of strategic thinking and gut feeling, which is why Masters betting fans all over the world find it so interesting.

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Betting Tips and Strategies

When Masters betting, thorough research is key. Start by studying player form leading up to the tournament. Pay attention to recent performances as well as historical success at Augusta National. Consider factors like previous Masters results, performance on similar courses, and current form in other tournaments.

Identifying value bets involves finding discrepancies between a player’s odds and their actual likelihood of winning. Look for undervalued players who have the potential to outperform their odds. Avoid blindly betting on favourites with low odds, as they may not always offer the best value.

Course history is crucial at Augusta National. Familiarise yourself with how players have performed on specific holes and in various conditions. Players with a strong track record at this event, especially those who consistently perform well on difficult holes like Amen Corner, may be worth considering for Masters betting.

During the tournament, keep an eye on in-play betting opportunities. Pay attention to how players are performing in real-time and adjust your bets accordingly. Look for players who are gaining momentum or showing resilience in adverse conditions.

Lastly, manage your bankroll wisely and avoid chasing losses. Set a budget for your Masters betting and stick to it. Remember that golf betting can be unpredictable, so it’s important to approach it with patience and discipline. By combining thorough research, strategic analysis, and disciplined bankroll management, you can maximise your chances of success when betting on the US Masters.

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Prominent Storylines and Narrative

All eyes are on Tiger Woods this year as he tries to make a historic comeback after his terrible car accident. Fans are hoping to see one of the best sports comebacks ever. Top rivals like Dustin Johnson and Jon Rahm are also competing against each other, which adds to the excitement and makes the race for the green jacket look very exciting.

Things that happen off the golf course, like bad weather or player scandals, make the event, and Masters betting, even more exciting. The fact that bad weather or controversial events could happen and distract players from the game only makes things more exciting.

Aside from golf, the US Masters has an amazing knack for bringing up human interest stories that go beyond golf. The tournament’s stories, from underdog victories to stories of strength and redemption, connect with people all over the world, even those who don’t usually watch sports. As the Masters goes on, it promises to be an exciting mix of athleticism, emotional highs, and unexpected turns, showing why it is still one of the most important events in golf.

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US Masters Golf Betting FAQs

What is the best golf betting site?

The online sportsbooks that we rate tops are always best for golf bets.

What does +1800 mean in golf betting?

If, for example, Jon Rahm is +1800, this means that a $100 bet will see you bag a return of $1,800.

What does +1200 mean in golf odds?

By the same token, if Jordan Spieth is +1200, a $100 wager will yield a return of $1,200.

What are the betting odds on the Masters?

You’ll find all the best Masters betting odds at your favourite sportsbook.

Can you place a bet on the Masters?


How does betting on the Masters work?

Bets can be placed in person or via a reputable online sportsbook.

Who is the biggest underdog to win the Masters?

Bernhard Langer.

What is the lowest payout at the Masters?

The lowest payout at the US Masters is $37,800.

Who is favoured to win Masters?

Rory McIlroy.

Who has the best odds to win the Masters 2024?

Rory McIlroy.

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