Kennedy Oaks Day Betting Australia

Kennedy Oaks Day 2024, also known as the Victoria Racing Club Oaks and Crown Oaks Day due to different sponsorships, is set to be one of the most exciting events in Australia’s horse racing calendar. Taking place at Flemington Racecourse, this prestigious event is a highlight of Victoria’s racing season. Known for its thrilling atmosphere and elite racing, it draws in racing enthusiasts and bettors alike, all eager to witness top-tier fillies competing for glory.

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Overview of Kennedy Oaks Day

Held on the third day of the Melbourne Cup Carnival, Thursday, the 7th of November this year, Kennedy Oaks Day has a storied history dating back to its inception in 1861. Known colloquially as “Ladies’ Day,” this event takes place at Victoria Racing Club and combines high-stakes racing with a festive social atmosphere, showcasing the elegance and excitement of the Spring Racing Carnival.

The highlight of Kennedy Oaks Day is the Group 1 VRC Oaks, a premier race for three-year-old fillies over 2,500 metres. Recent winners like Zardozi (2023), She’s Extreme (2022), and Willowy (2021) have cemented their place in history with outstanding performances. These champions exemplify the exceptional talent and competitive spirit that define the event.

Traditions such as the Fashions on the Field competition have become integral to the day, celebrating style and sophistication among attendees. This blend of elite racing and high fashion attracts a diverse audience, adding to the day’s allure.

Kennedy Oaks Day holds a pivotal role within the Melbourne Cup Carnival, contributing to the festive atmosphere and drawing large crowds. As part of the broader Carnival, Kennedy Oaks Day remains a must-attend event for racing enthusiasts and socialites alike, epitomising the spirit and excitement of Australian horse racing.

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Race Schedule and Key Races

  1. Race 1: 12:40 PM AEDT – 1,000 m
  2. Race 2: 1:15 PM – 1,700 m
  3. Race 3: 1:50 PM – 2,000 m
  4. Race 4: 2:30 PM – 1,600 m
  5. Race 5: 3:10 PM – 1,000 m
  6. Race 6: 3:50 PM – 1,600 m
  7. Race 7: 4:30 PM – 1,100 m
  8. Race 8 (Crown Oaks): 5:10 PM – 2,500 m
  9. Race 9: 5:50 PM – 1,800 m

The Crown Oaks is the premier race of the day for three-year-old fillies over 2500 metres, with a $1 million prize. Potential contenders include Blue Stocking, C’est Magique, and Queen of Naples.

Betting Guide

There are several popular bet types on Kennedy Oaks Day, all of which are available at top bookmakers like Ladbrokes, Palmerbet, and Picklebet.

  • Win Bet: Betting on a horse to finish first.
  • Place Bet: Betting on a horse to finish in the top two or three, depending on the number of runners.
  • Each-Way Bet: Combines a win and a place bet. If the horse wins, both bets pay out; if it places, only the place part pays out.
  • Exacta: Betting on two horses to finish first and second in the exact order.
  • Trifecta: Betting on three horses to finish first, second, and third in the exact order.

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Tips and strategies for Kennedy Oaks Day include that you should analyse the form. This means looking at horses’ recent races and focusing on consistency and finishes. You should also assess the level of competition the horse has been facing by looking at the class of races it’s taken part in. And consider the horse’s performance on similar track conditions.

You should also look at jockey and trainer stats. Check the winning percentage of the jockey and trainer, especially in similar races. Look at how well the jockey and trainer have performed together in the past.

Don’t forget to look at the barrier draw, either. Horses drawn on the inside barriers (lower numbers) often have an advantage, especially in large fields. Think about the race distance and style, and ensure the horse is suited to the race distance. Think about whether the horse is a front-runner or closer and how that fits with the race pace. Remember that significant shifts in betting odds can indicate insider confidence.


For exactas and trifectas, consider boxing your selections, allowing them to finish in any order. This increases your chances but costs more. You could also spread your bets across several horses or combinations to increase your chances of a payout.

Top Contenders and Analysis

Bluestocking’s impressive win in the Wakeful Stakes indicates strong form leading into the Oaks. She was sired by the renowned stallion Galileo, known for producing stamina-rich progeny, making her well-suited for the 2,500m distance. She has a proven ability on turf as well as adaptability to various track conditions.

C’est Magique has consistently performed well, placing in key lead-up races, showcasing reliability and endurance. She comes from a dam who excelled at middle distances, adding confidence to her stamina for the Oaks. Strong late finishes suggest she will handle the extended distance well.

Queen of Naples’ solid performances in shorter races recommend her, with a strong showing in the Edward Manifold Stakes. She comes from a versatile sire, adding a blend of speed and stamina suitable for the Oaks distance. Her suitability is further demonstrated by the fact that she’s adaptable to different paces, which is crucial for the varied tempo of this 2500m race.

Dark Horses include Mystic Moon, who has shown flashes of brilliance in lower-grade races with the potential to surprise at a longer distance. Regal Charm is also on this list, as she is an outsider with improving form, coming off a strong second in a recent handicap. She was bred for distance, making her an interesting prospect for the Oaks.

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Event Day Experience and Tips

There is a dress code for Kennedy Oaks Day:

  • Ladies: elegant racewear, including dresses, hats, or fascinators.
  • Men: suit and tie, with the option of adding a stylish hat.
  • General Admission: smart casual is usually acceptable, but dressing up enhances the experience.

There are several transportation options for Kennedy Oaks Day:

  • Public Transport: Trains and trams to Flemington Racecourse are frequent and convenient.
  • Parking: Limited and can be crowded; consider rideshare options for convenience.

Numerous dining options, from casual food stalls to fine dining, on-site horse betting stations, and mobile app options for convenience are available. There are ample restroom facilities throughout the venue.

The lawn stand offers great views, while the grandstand provides a more elevated perspective. You can also visit the paddock to see the horses up close before races. Be sure to arrive early so that you can explore the venue, place bets, and secure good spots for viewing.

Track Conditions and Weather Forecast

For Kennedy Oaks Day 2024 at Flemington Racecourse, the track conditions are expected to start as a Soft 5, which indicates a track with a reasonable amount of give, typically following rain. This might impact the performance of horses that prefer firmer ground.

The weather forecast predicts a 90% chance of rain with winds from the west to north westerly at 15 to 20 km/h, shifting to west to south westerly at 20 to 30 km/h in the afternoon. This could potentially downgrade the track condition further if the rain is substantial.

Track and weather conditions significantly influence race outcomes. Softer tracks can favour horses that perform well on yielding surfaces, while wet and windy conditions might affect horses’ speed and stamina. Bettors should consider these factors when making their selections. For instance, horses with a proven record on soft or heavy tracks may have an advantage on the day.

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Jockeys and Trainers Spotlight

Leading jockeys include Emmanuel Esquivel, who is known for his tactical race riding and consistency. He’s enjoyed multiple wins in stakes races, showing strong form leading into Kennedy Oaks Day. Florent Geroux is also at the top of the list. He is highly respected for his ability to ride in big races, with numerous Grade 1 victories. He has enjoyed key wins in the Breeders’ Cup and other high-profile events, highlighting his top form.

Top trainers include Eddie R. Milligan, who is known for conditioning versatile horses that perform well under different conditions. He has trained multiple graded stakes winners, reflecting his expertise and strategic training methods. Brad H. Cox is another leading trainer, one of the best in the country, with numerous Grade 1 victories. His horses have been dominant in top-tier races, showcasing his ability to prepare horses for big events.

The synergy between jockeys and trainers is crucial in horse racing. A strong partnership ensures that the jockey understands the horse’s quirks and the trainer’s strategy, leading to better race outcomes.

Notable changes and their implications include Florent Geroux replacing the regular rider of Swift Runner.  Geroux’s experience in big races might enhance the horse’s chances, worth considering for bets.

Betting Trends and Market Analysis

Leading up to Kennedy Oaks Day, there have been significant movements in the betting markets. Notably, horses with strong performances in recent lead-up races like the Wakeful Stakes have seen their odds shorten. For example, favourites such as Bluestocking have become more popular among bettors, leading to a noticeable decrease in their odds.

Public sentiment and media coverage play significant roles in shaping betting markets. High-profile media endorsements and positive coverage of certain horses can lead to increased betting activity, shortening their odds. Conversely, negative reports or doubts about a horse’s fitness can lengthen odds, creating potential value betting opportunities.

Great strategies for bettors say that they should:

Monitor Media and Public Sentiment

Stay updated with media coverage and public forums to gauge which horses are gaining traction. This can help identify potential over- or under-valued bets.

Analyze Market Movements

Track the odds and note significant changes. Sharp movements can indicate where professional money is going.

Identify Value Bets

Look for horses with strong form that have not yet attracted significant public attention. These can offer better value.

Consider Trainer-Jockey Combinations

High-performing combinations often see a surge in online sports betting support; however, if their odds remain stable, it can indicate a good value bet.

By monitoring these trends and leveraging market analysis, bettors can make more informed decisions and potentially capitalise on emerging opportunities.

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Historical Data and Trends

Historical analysis of the Crown Oaks race reveals several trends:

Winning Post Positions

Horses drawn in the middle barriers (4-8) have shown a higher winning percentage, possibly due to the balance between a good start and avoiding early traffic.

Winning Ages

The race is exclusively for three-year-old fillies, so all winners are of the same age, but those with more race experience often perform better.

Track Conditions

Winners often have proven form on similar track conditions, whether soft or firm. Bettors should look for horses with track-specific performance.

Trainer and Jockey Influence

Top trainers and jockeys with previous success in the race tend to repeat their performances. Familiarity with the track and the race’s demands is crucial.

Historical data plays a crucial role in developing effective betting strategies. While each race is unique, trends and patterns offer valuable insights:

Post Position Trends

Considering successful post positions can guide bets, especially in large fields.

Form and Fitness

Historical performance in preparatory races helps predict future outcomes.

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A Day at the Races

Hopefully, these essential tips for Kennedy Oaks Day 2024 will maximise your betting experience. This guide aims to uncover insights on top contenders, track conditions, and strategic betting approaches. Now, it’s up to you to embrace the excitement of Australia’s premier horse racing event and use the information outlined here to elevate your enjoyment and potentially secure winning bets.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the thrill of the races!

Kennedy Oaks Betting FAQs

What are common mistakes to avoid when betting on Kennedy Oaks Day?

Common mistakes to avoid when betting on Kennedy Oaks Day include overlooking horses’ form and performance and ignoring track conditions and weather forecasts.

How do trainers and jockeys prepare for Kennedy Oaks Day?

Trainers meticulously condition their horses for the demanding Crown Oaks race, focusing on fitness, nutrition, and race-specific training. Jockeys study the course layout, analyse competitors’ strategies, and collaborate closely with trainers to optimise their riding tactics for the big day.

What trends are emerging in the Kennedy Oaks Day betting markets?

There’s an increasing trend towards data-driven analysis, which Harvard Business School agrees offers many advantages. For bettors, this means leveraging historical performance data and track conditions to inform their bets. Additionally, there’s a growing interest in exotic bets like trifectas and quinellas, reflecting a desire for higher potential payouts and a more engaging betting experience.

How does starting position impact a horse's chances on Kennedy Oaks Day?

Starting position can significantly influence a horse’s chances on Kennedy Oaks Day, with inner positions often offering a strategic advantage due to shorter distances to the rail and the potential for better positioning throughout the race. However, wide positions can provide more freedom from potential traffic congestion and may be favourable for horses with strong late-closing abilities.

What should bettors look for in a horse's recent performance on Kennedy Oaks Day?

Bettors should closely examine a horse’s recent performance on Kennedy Oaks Day, focusing on factors such as finishing position, running style, and ability to handle the distance. Consistent finishes, adaptability to race conditions, and past success at the track can provide valuable insights into a horse’s potential performance on the big day.