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Before their appearance on the Australian scene, Ladbrokes were already a very old bookmaker and may be one of the oldest that are still in business today. Although the company was started in 1886 the name was only changed to Ladbrokes in 1902, and they have been charging ahead as a sports betting trail blazing pioneer.

As a bookie service they offer almost everything under the sun. Ladbrokes have grown into a gargantuan of an entity and employs nearly 15 000 people. In July of 2015 the Gala Coral Group and Ladbrokes were merged into a single entity with a massive presence in the United Kingdom.

Due to changing global circumstances, Ladbrokes had to withdraw from certain territories and now regrettably do not accept patronage from citizens of France, Switzerland and the USA amongst others. This is by and large down to the changing legislation in these countries regarding online gaming services.

Ladbrokes is more than just a bookmaker these days however, with digital offerings like online casino games and lottery.

What’s Good About Them?

As old timers in the game of betting and also online betting, Ladbrokes have a pretty solid reputation and have world class infrastructure that ensures impressive uptime statistics and a solid gaming platform.

Their games selection is pretty good by today’s standards and their promotional components and prize multipliers and boosters are engaging and fun

Perhaps their biggest draw card is the speed at which payouts are generated and paid to punter’s accounts. They offer many different methods to receive payments and are generally seen as being amongst the industry leaders in this regard.

Making deposits is also an area in which they excel, both in terms of good service and prompt transactional times.

What’s Not To Like?

The biggest quip that comes from punters these days is that the odds can be seen as being somewhat conservative. There are smaller companies that offer greater odds but this is to be expected from an entity of such a large size.

Other minor issues include the common complaint that the online interfaces are starting to look a bit dated and the response times are a tad sluggish when compared to the modern rivals. This means that the general perception from users is that things are a bit tedious to navigate through.

Another problem seems to stem from a perceived degradation in the user support that is offered by the technical teams. This is a concern for users especially when player’s money is at stake or potentially affected. These issues seem to have been taken up by the company and strides appear to have been taken to resolve these problems.


Ladbrokes are still a solid and reliable service, and when it comes to historical pedigree, Ladbrokes are a tough act to match or even follow. The undeniable fact remains that many decades of experience in the industry shows that they have indeed managed to weather the many storms that have come up over the years, and when it comes to finding a reliable partner, it’s hard to find anyone with a reputation as solid as Ladbrokes.

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