Melbourne Cup Betting Guide Australia 2023

Best Melbourne Cup betting odds for Aussies

Horse racing is one of the most popular sporting events in Australia. Fans feel that the Melbourne Cup is one of the most exciting of all, and Melbourne Cup betting is a thrilling pastime. As Australia’s biggest race, the Melbourne Cup takes place at Flemington Racecourse on the first Tuesday of each November.

The Melbourne Cup is one of the events that make up the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival. Other races include the Caulfield Cup, the Cox Place, and the Victoria Derby. It’s a Group 1 race that offers nearly AU$7.5 million in prize money. This makes it one of the most profitable handicap races in the world.

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Top Melbourne Cup Betting Odds

TOP melbourne cup betting SITESSeptember 2023
1 IE allowed5/5100% Match up to $250 Bet now
2 IE allowed4.9/5100% Match Bet now
3 IE allowed4.8/5Login to see promotions Bet now

Melbourne Cup Betting Types Explained

The Melbourne Cup horses will be racing around a 1,200 metre, pear-shaped track, also sometimes referred to as the Straight 6. With a final straight of 450 metres, its circumference is just over 2 kilometres, and it can accommodate 24 horses.


There are many ways that Australians can bet on the Melbourne Cup favourites. We advise our Melbourne horse racing readers to take a look at them all before putting any money down:

Each-Way Bet


Think of the Each-Way as a Place and Win bet combined on the Melbourne Cup field participants. Both bets have the same value, and this is a wonderful option for you if you don’t fancy taking too big a risk.

Win Bet

The Win is by far the most popular Melbourne Cup horse betting option. All you need to do is guess which horse is going to come first.

Place Bet

Use the Melbourne Cup betting tips we offer to make a Place bet if you want to. This bet requires that you correctly pick a horse that ends up in the 3 top positions.

Box Trifecta Bet

This bet is a great way for you to make the Melbourne Cup betting odds work for you. Choose any number of horses, from 3 to the maximum of 24, and then cover every possible Trifecta combination.


Trifectas require that you choose the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place horses from the Melbourne Cup 2023 field in the correct order. One of our Melbourne Cup tips for a trifecta is that you consider a Box Trifecta to cover your bases.


To win a Quinella, predict the Melbourne Cup results as per the first 2 placings. The horses don’t have to be in the correct order for this bet.

Use our Melbourne Cup tips when you place your bet!

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Horses and Jockeys: The Importance of Researching Them

There’s much more to betting on horse races like this one besides knowing who the favourites are for the Melbourne Cup race. Successful Melbourne Cup horse racing also requires that you examine how horses and their jockeys have done in past races. Study the Melbourne Cup form guides from recent years to get a good idea of what to expect in this one. And, when you’re looking at Melbourne Cup form for horse and jockey teams, remember that experience counts for a lot. There are riders who’ve taken part in many races previously and horses who are no strangers to events like Melbourne horse racing. They tend to do better than the new kids on the block.

You’ll be able to find a lot of information online on what the current Melbourne Cup lineup has been doing up until now.

You should also find Melbourne Cup sports betting guides that tell you about other important factors for the race. We’re talking about the predicted weather on the 7th of November this year, along with the track conditions and the type of race. Look for horse racing tips that include an overview of the horses’ family trees as well. A long line of winners coming before them indicates a greater likelihood of a horse doing well in the Cup.

Find out all you can about horse racing betting news and expert opinions on the Cup, as well. You may be able to gain important insights into your horse’s chances of winning when you stay up-to-date about recent events. Horse betting experts may also be aware of factors that you’re not familiar with. While no opinion is foolproof, good horse tips can make all the difference in the world.

Get in on the action with Melbourne Cup betting online.

Form and Statistics Analysis

Along with looking at horse racing odds for the Cup, you should also spend some time looking at form and statistics. The following factors will have a huge impact on the race:

Track Condition

Look at the conditions at Flemington Racecourse. How has the horse you want to bet on done in events similar to the Melbourne Cup?

Recent Form

Don’t focus on the Melbourne Cup odds to the exclusion of everything else. The recent form of the horse is also important. Study this, and you’ll know how the various Melbourne Cup horses are doing. You’ll also gain insight into their level of fitness. Concentrate on finding horses that have won and placed before now. Incorporate any Melbourne Cup tips you find into this information.

Jockey/Horse Relationship

When you find Melbourne Cup favourites according to your own research, look at the relationship between the jockey and the horse, too. When it comes to Melbourne horse racing, both parties need to be performing at their peak.

Official Handicap Mark, or Class

Expert handicappers will also have given each horse in the Melbourne Cup field a class. This mark includes all the factors affecting the horse’s performance, and it’s an important part of your Melbourne Cup horse betting process.


Exclude any Melbourne Cup betting tips that don’t factor in the race’s distance. Get help with Melbourne Cup betting odds as well as a shortlist of horses that perform well at distances over 3,000 metres.

Getting help with betting on the Melbourne Cup in 2023 is easy with Australian Sports Betting. Take a look at the bookmakers we’ve researched, rated highly, and ended up recommending. Plus, the Melbourne Cup results will also be decided by:

  • The age group and weight range that have previously won. This is also important when you’re reading about Melbourne Cup tips for a trifecta
  • The horse, jockey, and trainer’s records as per win and loss records
  • Read Melbourne Cup 2022 horses tips as regards the horse’s form
  • How long a break the horse has had before it takes part in the Melbourne Cup race

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Odds for the 2023 Melbourne Cup

For Melbourne Cup horse racing, odds tell you how much you’ll win if you get the bet right. When you review Melbourne Cup form guides that talk about odds, you’ll see that the higher they are, the more you’ll win. Melbourne Cup form favourites are created by experienced bookmakers based on an array of statistics, including the animals’ form, how popular a horse is, and how much money is being bet on it.

Current 2023 Melbourne Cup 3200m (All In) odds According to Ladbrokes