State Of Origin Betting Guide 2024

State of Origin is an annual series that takes place in Australia. It’s played between the Queensland and New South Wales rugby league teams and is an annual best-of-three rugby league series. It’s one of the most popular sporting events in the country and State of Origin betting has become a popular pastime. In fact, it’s a go-to for many bettors throughout Australia, and it’s a type of wagering that’s worth diving into if you want to make the most of what rugby league betting has to offer.

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How State Of Origin Works

State of Origin represents the end of a long season of fierce competition. Queensland and New South Wales rugby league teams try their best to get into the State of Origin series, often battling it out to the bitter end. The tournament consists of a three-game battle played out between two groups who have made it through after defeating all others in their class.

Anyone participating in the State of Origin series needs to be able to play on the level of an international professional. Australian states also jump into the competition and whoever is able to win all three games will be declared the winner. It’s a matter of pride for Queenslanders and NSW punters, and all are pushing for their side to take home the trophy.

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State of Origin Betting Markets And Types

When it comes to winning money from Australian sports betting, State of Origin betting is a fantastic choice. It provides a great selection of markets and wagers to choose from. The betting market is strong, and you will find that there are many online bookies offering State of Origin odds.

Let’s explore the most popular types of bets that are available for this amazing Australian rugby series:

  • Series Winner: This means betting on the state that the player believes will win the series.
  • Series Correct Score: This is all about wagering on what you feel will be the end score of the event. The odds are higher, but it also means greater rewards.
  • Head-to-head: This is where the bettor picks the winner of each of the three games. If they choose the winner, then they win the bet and make a nice profit.
  • Line: The line in betting provides punters with the chance to bet on a game that has a handicap. This handicap will be set by the bookie.
  • Margin: With a margin bet, the punter is able to pick the margin in which they win instead of just wagering outright on who they believe is going to win.
  • First Try-scorer: This is a great way to play with the various odds that bookies have on offer. For this kind of bet, bettors can select which play they feel is going to make the first try of each event. This is also a flexible bet that you can combine with other bets in larger accumulations.

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State Of Origin Winners

Knowing past winners is powerful knowledge that every bettor should use. It gives you a great idea of what to expect from the teams as they begin to get ready to participate and it makes a huge difference to the overall success rates of your bets. This is why it’s a good idea to have an idea of which teams did well in previous events. Take a look at this table before you make your next winning bet!

New South Wales2021
New South Wales2019
New South Wales2018

Key Factors To Consider When Placing A Bet On State of Origin

  • Team Form: This is a breakdown of how cohesive the team is when playing together. It’s an important factor to always keep in mind when making a bet.
  • Player Injuries: Players will become injured at one point or another. If a player has a severe leg injury, there’s a good chance that they may not do well on the field. So, keep a close eye on the player records and see if there have been any recent injuries.
  • Historical Performance in State of Origin Matches: Knowing the winners of previous events is extremely important to find more success with State of Origin betting. You will quickly find that favourites and underdogs will heavily influence the State of Origin odds.
  • Home-Ground Advantage: It’s well-known that playing at home provides a solid advantage to the home team. Many bookies will calculate that the home team is the favourite to win an event.

State of Origin Betting Tips To Know Before You Bet

The following tips are going to help you make better decisions when you enjoy State of Origin betting.

  • Research and Analysis: Make sure to do the proper research on events and teams before putting any money down.
  • Set A Budget: After all the research is done, it’s time to draw up a budget. In doing so, you’ll ensure that you don’t go into the red, and won’t spend what you can’t afford to lose.
  • Shop For Odds: There will always be different odds on offer at various bookmakers. Every bookie will feature State of Origin markets that differ slightly, although for the favorite odds may be the same or similar. Shopping around for odds gives you the best chance of finishing the most rewarding ones.
  • Consider Live Betting: Another way to enjoy State of Origin is by betting live. Live or in-play betting. allows you to bet on events as they’re taking place. With a mobile device, it’s even to get your bets in while the action unfolds and to get up-to-the-minute odds. Plus, it means you never miss out on a wager.

State of Origin Betting FAQ

What Is State Of Origin?

A three-part national rugby league (NRL) event that takes place in Australia every year.

Which team has the best overall record in State of Origin history?

Queensland is widely considered to be the best team in the history of the event.

Which player has scored the most tries in State of Origin history?

Darius Boyd of Queensland currently holds the record.

Who is the favourite to win State of Origin 2024?

The NSW Blues are the favourites to win the 2024 iteration of the event.