Australian Oaks Odds, Betting Tips & Event Guide

The Australian Oaks, a prestigious Group 1 Thoroughbred horse race, has a rich history. Established in 1885, it stands as one of Australia’s oldest and most esteemed racing events for 3-year-old fillies, and people have been horse racing betting on it for hundreds of years. Held annually at Sydney’s iconic Randwick Racecourse, the Australian Oaks covers a distance of 2400 metres and is a highlight of the Sydney Autumn Racing Carnival. Read on for our horse racing tips about this incredible event.

Over the years, the Australian Oaks has seen remarkable moments and performances by both horses and jockeys. Notable winners include champion fillies such as Light Fingers, Surround, Research, and more recently, Winx, who later became one of the greatest racehorses in history and featured in many horse betting options.

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The race attracts widespread attention from horse racing enthusiasts and bettors, drawing significant interest each year. Bettors eagerly analyse Australian Oaks odds and seek expert horse racing tips to inform their wagers. The Australian Oaks field is scrutinised meticulously as punters evaluate each contender’s form, trainer, and jockey to gain an edge in their online betting strategies.

As a cornerstone of Australian racing, the Australian Oaks continues to captivate audiences with its blend of athleticism, strategy, and spectacle, solidifying its status as a premier event on the international racing calendar.

DateSaturday 12th April 2025
Race TimeTBA
RacecourseRandwick Racecourse
Race Distance2400 metres
ConditionsSet Weights
StatusGroup I
Prize Money$1,000,000
Track TypeTurf
Track DirectionRight-Handed (Clockwise)

Attending the Australian Oaks

The ATC Australian Oaks 2024 will be held at the Royal Randwick Racecourse on Saturday, April 13th, so you’d better get started reading our horse tips! It’s part of the Sydney Autumn Carnival, and once you know more about Australian Oaks odds, you may find that you want to attend. For tickets and/or information about the race, visit the Australian Turf Club site or Ticketmaster. Various methods of public transportation to the events are available for patrons interested in Australian Oaks betting and seeing the horses live, including taxis, light rail, and buses. Free parking is also available after you’ve gathered your Australian Oaks tips and are ready to bet and attend!

Tickets are $35 per person.

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Australian Oaks Prize Money

PlacingPrize Money
6th, 7th, 8th$10,000
9th, 10th$8,000

Betting on the Australian Oaks

Engaging in various betting options on the Australian Oaks adds excitement and strategy to horse

racing betting, catering to punters’ different preferences and risk tolerances. Live streaming, like that available at Ladbrokes, Picklebet, and Palmerbet, our recommended bookmakers, further enriches the experience, providing you with immersive coverage of the prestigious event and letting you view the Australian Oaks field up close and personal.

There are numerous options when it comes to betting on the Australian Oaks

Win Bet

This involves predicting the horse that will win the Australian Oaks outright. You need to choose a single horse to finish first in the race.

Place Bet

Here, you’ll bet on a horse to finish either 1st or 2nd in the Australian Oaks. This bet offers slightly lower odds than a win bet but provides a higher chance of winning.

Each-Way Bet

This bet combines a win bet and a place bet on the same horse in the Australian Oaks. If the horse wins, both the win and place bets pay out; if it places, only the place bet pays.

Exacta Bet

For this horse racing betting option in the Australian Oaks, you’ll need to choose the 1st 2 horses to finish in the exact order in the Australian Oaks. It offers higher odds but requires precise prediction of the finishing positions.

Trifecta Bet

One of our horse racing tips is that you check out the trifecta bet, as it can be very rewarding. It involves you picking the first 3 horses to finish in the exact order in the Australian Oaks. It presents even higher odds than exacta bets but demands that you accurately predict the 1st 3 horses’ positions.

Quinella Bet

Another great horse betting option, this one asks you to choose 2 horses to finish in the top 2 places in any order in the Australian Oaks. The quinella offers flexibility, as the chosen horses can finish 1st and 2nd in any sequence.

Boxed Bet

Another favourite when it comes to horse tips, boxed betting options allow you  to cover multiple combinations of horses in a single bet. For example, boxing 3 horses in an exacta bet means those three horses can finish 1st and 2nd in any order.

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Australian Oaks Jockeys and Trainers

Trainers and jockeys are very important to the success of horses that are competing in the Australian Oaks and significantly affect horse racing odds. Their knowledge, skill, and strategic thinking determine the winner of this renowned race.

As the people who ride these beautiful horses, jockeys like Damian Lane, Joao Moreira, Tom Marquand, Tyler Schiller, and Hugh Bowman need to know a lot about their mounts’ strengths, weaknesses, and abilities before the Australian Oaks begins. Their quick thinking, ability to read the field, and capacity to make split-second choices can often mean the difference between winning and losing and thus have a massive impact on horse racing betting. To get their horses to the finish line in the Australian Oaks, jockeys must have perfect timing, speed, and tactical skill. The competition is tough, and there isn’t any room for error. One of our best horse racing tips is to remember this!

Trainers like Jim Wallace, John Sargent, John O’Shea, Gary Portelli, and Edward Cummings, on the other hand, are the ones who plan everything behind the scenes. They’re an important factor in horse betting because it’s their job to get their charges ready for the tough conditions of top competition. One of our horse tips is that it’s their knowledge of handling, training, and managing racehorses that helps each horse reach its full potential and get ready for the Australian Oaks. Trainers are very important for making sure that their horses are ready to do well on race day and thus affect Australian Oaks odds to a great extent. Trainers do this by carefully planning and strategically placing races, as well as fine-tuning fitness levels and dealing with any problems that might come up, and it would do you good to pay attention to them when Australian Oaks betting.

Australian Oaks Winners

2024Autumn AngelMark ZahraPeter Moody & Katherine Coleman56
2023PennywekaDamian LaneJim Wallace56
2022El PatronessDamian LaneDanny O'Brien56
2021Hungry HeartKerrin McEvoyChris Waller56
2020ColetteGlen BossJames Cummings56
2019Verry ElleegantJames McDonaldChris Waller56
2018UnforgottenHugh BowmanChris Waller56
2017BonnevalHugh BowmanMurray Baker and Andrew Forsman56
2016Sofia RosaHugh BowmanStephen Marsh56
2015Gust Of WindTye AnglandJohn Sargent56
2014Rising RomanceJames McDonaldDonna Logan56
2013Royal DescentNash RawillerChris Waller56
2012StreamaHugh BowmanG H WALTER56
2011AbsolutelyBrad RawillerMichael Kent56
2010Once Were WildNash RawillerGai Waterhouse56
2009DAFFODILHugh BowmanKevin Gray56
2008HEAVENLY GLOWR ThompsonAllan Denham56
2007RENA'S LADYM RoddGary Portelli56
2004WILD IRISL V CassidyG H WALTER55.5
2003SUNDAY JOYL BeasleyGai Waterhouse55.5
2001ROSE ARCHWAYB YorkClarry Conners54
2000COCO COBANNAR S DyeGai Waterhouse54
1999GRAND ARCHWAYR S DyeGraeme Rogerson54
1998ON AIRJ MarshallAnthony Cummings54
1997DANENDRIG BossBart Cummings54
1995CIRCLES OF GOLDG EadesBrian Smith54
1993MAHAYAMick DittmanGrahame Begg54
1992MY BRILLIANT STARP HutchinsonRussell Cleland54
1991TRISCAYMick DittmanJ DENHAM54
1989RESEARCHMick DittmanClarry Conners54

Recent Australian Oaks News

Recent Australian Oaks news has focused on the anticipation surrounding the upcoming edition of the prestigious race. With top fillies and talented contenders gearing up for the event, speculation abounds regarding potential favourites and dark horses, influencing Australian Oaks tips.

Trainers and jockeys are fine-tuning their strategies, aiming to secure victory in this esteemed Group 1 race. Additionally, discussions centre on the impact of recent form and performances on the Australian Oaks field, adding to the excitement and intrigue surrounding the event. As race day approaches, fans eagerly await updates and developments, eager to witness the drama and excitement unfold on the track.

Australian Oaks Betting Tips

Australian Oaks horse racing tips are highly sought after by bettors looking to maximise their chances of success in this prestigious race. Here are some key Australian Oaks tips to consider:

  • Consider Distance Suitability

    Along with horse racing odds, assess each horse’s pedigree and previous performances over similar distances to gauge their suitability for the 2400-meter Australian Oaks.

  • Track Conditions

    Take into account how horses have performed under the current track conditions. Some horses may excel on firm ground in the Australian Oaks, while others may prefer softer going.

  • Trainer and Jockey Form

    Evaluate the track records of trainers and jockeys participating in the Australian Oaks. Experienced and successful partnerships often indicate a higher chance of success.

  • Watch for Market Moves

    Monitor betting markets for any significant shifts in odds, which may indicate insider knowledge or strong support for certain horses when it comes to horse racing betting.

  • Consider Race Tactics

    One of our horse racing tips is that you should assess the likely pace of the race and how it may impact different runners. Some horses may benefit from a fast pace, while others may prefer a more moderate tempo.

  • Look for Value

    Seek out horses with favourable odds that may offer good value for your online mobile betting based on their chances of winning or placing.

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Australian Oaks Form Guide

PennywekaJim WallaceDamian Lane1156kg
So DazzlingJohn SargentJoao Moreira1556kg
PremiseJohn O’SheaTom Marquand656kg
FireburnGary PortelliTyler Schiller456kg
ArtsEdward CummingsHugh Bowman1056kg
Fay’s AngelsKaren OwenReece Jones1356kg
PavitraRichard & Will FreedmanJames McDonald256kg
Frankie’s Me DadCiaron Maher & David EustaceBrenton Avdulla356kg

Australian Oaks Betting FAQs

How do I bet on the Australian Oaks?

Sign up at betting sites or apps or bet at a land-based bookmaker. We recommend Ladbrokes, Picklebet, and Palmerbet. Once you’ve opened your account, just navigate to the correct market, check the Australian Oaks odds, and place your bet.

How many horses do you need for a place bet at the Australian Oaks?

5 Horses. When you’re Australian Oaks betting, a place bet requires at least 5 horses, unless otherwise stated.

Can you bet on two horses to win the Australian Oaks?

Yes. One of our Australian Oaks tips is to do this if you can because it increases your odds of winning! Check out duet bets, where you have to choose 2 horses that will finish in the 1st 3 places in any order.

Does a place bet pay if the horse wins the Australian Oaks?

Yes. A place bet actually pays out more often than win bets do. You’ll get paid if your pick from the Australian Oaks field finishes in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place when you’ve made a place bet, rather than only being able to collect if it wins.

What is the most profitable way to bet on horses in the Australian Oaks?

Value Betting. As important as knowing what horse racing odds are, your best strategy for the Australian Oaks and any other racing event is value betting. This is where you identify differences between your horse’s chances of winning and the odds provided by the bookmaker.