Political Betting & Election Bets Guide 2024

Best Australian Election betting Sites

Australian bettors will be glad to know that election and political betting are in full swing right now. The political betting markets are open to bettors, both new and experienced, and there are endless opportunities for the savvy bettor.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive online betting guide to give you the insights into political betting that you need to make the most of everything in this exciting world of political betting!

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Understanding Political Betting

Political betting is easy to understand once you understand the basics. It also means that you don’t need to understand exactly how politics work in the Australian political system. As long as you know how to bet, you’ll be fine!

There are many similarities between political gambling and sports betting, so sports betting enthusiasts will have no issues at all diving in and making the most of it!

Let’s take a look at a quick example of how this works. An upcoming election would prompt bookmakers to open up the election betting markets. From this stage onward, Australian bettors can search through the different options and choose the ones that work for them. This might be a particular political figure, or it could also be based on voting for a party. We can never know exactly what’s going to happen as elections can easily go both ways, but the more information that you have, the better equipped you will be to make the right decisions. Some Australian political betting markets include:

  • Federal Elections
  • Local Elections
  • State Elections

It’s not just resigned to Australia, however. Political betting is available in many regions and markets thanks to online betting. One great example is the upcoming 2024 New Zealand General Elections that are set to take place in October. The betting market provided by online betting sites for an election like this has been open for a long time and has given Australians the chance to place wagers on the elective figures using the latest political odds. International political betting is also a possibility, such as wagering on the odds for presidential elections that take place in the United States of America.

Different election types influence political betting. For instance, larger State Elections will receive much wider overall coverage from the public and from bookies. Smaller, local elections will be much more personal among residents. Whatever the case may be, make sure to take advantage of election betting today in order to start winning!

Types Of Australian Elections

Success in political betting is much easier to achieve for the bettor than understanding Australian politics. Here we will dive deeper into what kind of elections take place in Australia:

Federal Elections

State elections are the largest in the country and play a huge role in terms of which individuals and parties are in charge. These kinds of markets will receive the most coverage from the best betting sites and should be among the markets that you decide to target first.

State Elections

State elections are closer to home, providing a chance for Australians to choose who will run their own state. Coverage for political betting is generally excellent and a great place to start.

Local Elections

Next, we have local governmental elections. Betting here means putting money down on a figure or party that will run a local municipal area. In general, the betting market tends to be much more limited when it comes to voting on local officials in terms of what gambling sites may offer.

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Popular Political Betting Markets

Political betting is always at the forefront of what today’s bookies have to offer. Betting markets are in abundance, and bettors are free to choose the ones that suit their play style as well as their budgets. The betting markets that most focus on include the following:

Prediction Markets

Prediction markets provide a vast range of different bets that you can choose from. They will always provide the latest political betting odds and options depending on which political event is taking place. Betting on the next Prime Minister of New Zealand, for example, would fall within the sphere of a prediction market.

Individual Candidate Betting

Bet on a particular political candidate that you feel will win an upcoming election.

Party Betting

Instead of wagering on a single person, you instead bet on an entire political party. This is much more relevant when there are state elections taking place in Australia.

Politics Specials

Here, punters will find a great choice of novelty bets that are based on what’s going on in the political world.

Election Outrights

Another popular political betting market is the election outright market. A straightforward wager that’s all about putting money on the party will be the overall winner.

Australian bettors will find election betting not just financially rewarding but endlessly exciting. Each betting market comes with its own odds, and this is important to keep in mind. The odds can change at a moment’s notice, and it’s because Australian political betting markets are always in a state of flux. Any changes to how the voting process might go can alter the odds, meaning that Australian bettors will want to be as flexible as possible throughout. This is a golden age of political betting in Australia, and bettors will want to take advantage of everything these fantastic betting markets have to offer!

Factors Influencing Political Betting

Election betting can be influenced by many different factors. Australian punters will need to keep these factors in mind at all times when deciding on a betting market to wager their money on. Always remember that the political betting world is always in a state of change, and you will need to keep on top of those changes in order to stand the greatest chances of winning. The following factors can drastically influence the odds and outcomes of political betting markets.

Polling Data

Polling data is a powerful political betting resource that can give you a serious edge. Polling surveys are done frequently leading up to an election, and much of this data is made available to the wider public. While predictions won’t always be 100 percent accurate, they do give you a great idea of how the public is feeling about a party in general.

Candidate Information

A good bet is made when the bettor knows as much as possible about what they are betting on. In the case of political betting, it means knowing all background information about a candidate or party. Read on how they performed in the past and what it could mean for any upcoming elections that are set to take place.

Policy Shifts

Candidates and parties will often shift policies in order to gain public favour. When this occurs, it can drastically alter the odds, including how much you’re liable to win. This is a part of the reason it’s so vital to keep up to date with the latest information in order to keep your edge.

Strategies For Successful Political Betting

Using information for political betting is just the beginning of the equation. Next, punters will want to develop strategies to help them win on a frequent basis when placing wagers on their favourite political betting markets. The following strategies will help you make better decisions going forward.


Taking the time to research every facet of political betting is exactly what you need to make it big. The more information that you have on hand, the more likely you are to find success. Dive into the backgrounds of everyone involved in the upcoming elections, as well as other useful information.

Bookie Services

We cannot stress enough how vital it is to choose a good bookmaking service and online gambling site. Not every bookie will provide a safe and fair betting environment, which is absolutely essential to political betting success with the betting sites you use.

Bankroll Management

In political betting, knowing how to manage a bankroll can make all the difference. A bankroll is kind of like a budget but specialised for political betting as well as other types of betting. Bankrolls are key to long-term success, and it’s one of the tools that professional bettors use on a daily basis.

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Legal And Responsible Betting

Australians are legally allowed to indulge in political betting as much as they would like – whether on desktop or mobile online. Find the best iOS or Android betting apps and start betting today.

In fact, Australia is well-known for being a great country for those who have a passion for betting. Some requirements should be kept in mind when a punter wants to start enjoying political betting:

  • The punter needs to be at least the age of 18
  • They need to use a regulated and licensed bookmaking service.
  • They need to ensure that the betting markets they decide to use are legally recognised by the bookie they have an account with.

If you meet these few requirements, then political betting is as straightforward as possible. Never before have Australian bettors had better access to such a wide range of different political betting options! So take the jump now, sign up at a leading sportsbook, and start winning big from the best political betting markets around!

Top Political Betting Sites in Australia

When it comes to successful political betting, choosing the right political betting sites can make all the difference. That’s why it’s more important than ever to find a political betting site that suits your needs. We recommend the following political betting sites to Australian bettors:


A true staple in the political betting world, Ladbrokes leads the pack when it comes to the best betting markets. This is a must for anyone serious about political betting and who wants to come first as much as possible.

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PalmerBet is an all-Australian online betting service that provides election betting markets. Due to the nature of PalmerBet, it’s easy for Australians to enjoy political betting on a level that’s much closer to home, which also means overall greater relevance.

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Another Australian-centric bookie service is Pickletbet, who offer various options for political betting online. Based in the city of Brisbane, Picklebet provides plenty of great political betting markets to choose from.

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Win With Political Betting

Political betting is overflowing with rewards for the brave Australian punter willing to take a chance and place bets on mobile. With all of the information available online, it’s now almost a sure thing to find success with political betting. With this comprehensive guide at your disposal, we know that you will start to claim your rewards with political betting today.

Political Betting FAQ

How are political bets settled?

Political bets are settled directly by the bookmakers once the bet has succeeded.

Can I place bets on international political events from Australia?

Yes. You can place wagers on international political betting markets from Australia.

Where can I find the latest news and polls?

Government & Media Outlets. The latest news and polls in Australia are always public information provided by both the government and media outlets.

Is election betting legal in Australia?

Yes. Election and political betting is legal and safe to do in Australia.

What is the role of exit polls in election betting and odds?

Exit polls provide more information on how an election might turn out and, therefore, influence the odds provided by sportsbooks.