The Rugby League World Cup 2024 Betting

Rugby has undoubtedly become one of the world’s biggest sports, with millions of fans, dozens professional, international teams, and tournaments that are held across the world every season. On of these events in particular, the Rugby League World Cup, or RLWC, is one of the largest rugby events in the world, and remains among the most popular.

The RLWC has been held since 1954, and involves teams that are part of the Rugby League International Federation. This federation includes countries from across the planet, most commonly those countries that have ties to Great Britain. This is why fans can expect to see such countries as France, New Zealand, Wales, Scotland, and more, participating in the tournament.

Best Rugby League World Cup Bookies

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One pastime that has flourished alongside the RLWC is sports betting, and Rugby League betting is a continued fan favourite. Rugby League World Cup betting has, in recent years, extended further than ever before thanks to the growth of the internet, and new punters now have access to just about every bet they could possibly imagine. The only problem with this access is the overload of information, as there are dozens upon dozens of different types of bets available. These are, however, some of the more common bets that punters will come across.

The Outright Bet

  • A simple bet made before the event starts. The punter usually wagers on a team winning a match, and if their prediction is successful, they win.
  • Can extend beyond one match, and encompass the entire tournament, making it one of the more thrilling types of RLWC2017 betting.
  • Tends to have lower odds compared to other kinds of Rugby League betting, due to the popularity of the bet.

The Accumulator Bet

  • Similar to the outright, except made up of a series of smaller bets that eventually culminate into one. Each bet is on an individual game in the event, but they are all linked.
  • Much higher risk than other types of Rugby League World Cup betting, but also with a much more significant payout should all the bets work out in the punter’s favour.
  • The odds tend to be very good, but this can depend on the bookmaker that the punter is using.

The Prop Bet

  • A specialised sort of Rugby League betting, this involves a specific aspect of a sport of event. Punters will wager on such things as which player will score first, which player will win man of the match, or which teams will score a certain amount first.
  • Odds vary quite a lot, and can depend greatly on the nature of the bookmaker and how they compile their numbers.
  • Prop bets tend to be more popular among seasoned punters, or those that don’t enjoy the more common types of Rugby League World Cup betting.

RLWC 2024 betting proved to a bigger success than ever, and the rugby betting world is growing by the year. Upcoming events should see even better odds, a wider betting range, and a steady inflow of new punters. Keep an eye on our recommended sportsbooks and bet with the best!