Bet on the Top eSporting Betting Events 

Many online sports bettors have already been exposed to the vast world of online eSports. The possibilities of winning big are endless and many punters have already begun reaping the rewards from betting on these sporting events. eSports events are massive and hold many people in their community. That is why the top sports books have taken full advantage of this and have made online betting available for these sports. We want to know, what are the top eSporting events that have taken place across the globe and just how big were they really?

TOP eSports Betting SITESJune 2024
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DotA 2 – The International Bets

With a massive amount of 20 million online viewers, there is no doubt that the International Dota 2 betting event will make the list. The overall prize for this event was valued at 18 million dollars and is still the biggest prize pool to this day for any eSporting event. The arena that the event was held in had 10 thousand tickets that were sold and all of these were sold out within an hour. This makes this event one of the biggest eSports events the world has ever seen.

League of Legends Word Championship Bets

League of Legends is one of the most popular eSports games around and has a massive following around the world. This is one of the most popular eSports that has seen some of the biggest eSports bets to date. The finale that took place in 2013 held a whopping 12 thousand people in the arena and offered a grand prize of 1 million dollars.

Intel Extreme Masters Betting

The Intel extreme masters competition was a two day gaming event that saw over 4 million viewers. This was a combination of eSports that were being played over the tournament and is seen as one of the biggest events in eSports history. There were 12 thousand viewers that attended the tournament and it had a grand prize of 50 thousand dollars to the winners.

Betting on eSports

As we can see, eSports is a massive and booming industry that boasts large numbers when it comes to viewership and attendance. This means that any bettor that chooses to take part in eSports betting online is able to join a large community that has a massive potential for every single bet that is being made. Unlike other sports that are not electronically based, eSports is fast paced and unpredictable which makes the thrill and excitement factor through the roof.

Biggest eSports Bets Online

The eSports betting scene is massive as is the eSports world itself. Choosing to bet on eSports as opposed to any other sport that is available is always a good option as bettors are able to win bigger with a larger community of bettors that are taking part. If we look at the history of eSports we can see that the industry has boomed over the last few years and with the current rate of support, it seems like this industry is not going to be going anywhere any time soon.