What Are The Best Sports to Bet On?

If you’ve followed any sport for long enough, you will have discovered at one point or another that most sports have a large betting scene. Betting has become popular all over the world, and in some cases, even more popular than the sports themselves. It’s little wonder as to why sports betting has gained such a following, however, as there is no denying that there’s a certain appeal to keeping track of your favourite teams while also knowing that there’s a chance you could make money depending on how that team performs.

With all the sports that are offered to punters, one point of dissuasion for many is making the right choice. It’s understandable, because you don’t want to bet your hard-earned money on a sport that you might lose interest in, or that might become more disappointing the more you follow it. Witt that in mind, these are the most popular betting sports in the world, and should give you an idea of what kind of sports other, seasoned punters turn to when choosing a sport to wager on.

Most Popular Sports Sites To Bet On

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Football (not the American version) is the most popular sport in the world today, period. With over 3 billion fans, thousands of teams, and international events that occur all over the globe, it’s difficult to not want to turn to the sport for all your punting needs. Football has seen success like no other sport on the market, and this success has also means that is has one of the most stable betting scenes, being covered by just about every bookie the internet has to offer.


Originally a British game, cricket has since become extremely popular in many of the countries that Britain colonised almost 200 years ago. One of the sports that truly stuck among these countries was cricket, and it has gone on to become an international phenomenon. Today, cricket can be found just about everywhere, and with international tournaments happening every year, cricket is a popular choice among punters.


Australians love their rugby, and it’s not hard to see why. The fast-paced, brutal nature of the sport is enough to keep anyone enthralled, but add the extra excitement of betting and you truly have something worth following. Rugby is a force to be reckoned with in both the sport and betting world, and continues to be a favourite among punters.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is usually within a division of its own when it comes to sports betting. This is often because horse racing is the oldest betting sport available, and doesn’t fit in to the same categories as some of the other sports mentioned here. Nonetheless, horse race betting is a favourite among millions of punters all over the world, and definitely worth looking into if you’re interested in some of the best betting that the industry has to offer.

Other Betting Sports

Apart from the sports in this list, there are plenty of others that are worth your time. This includes Formula 1, boxing, basketball, baseball, and many others.

With all these sports to choose from, you should have no problem finding the right kind of betting that suits you the best and allows you the chance to earn real winnings.