Guide to Crown Oaks Day Betting 2024

Top Crown Oaks Day Race Betting Australia

Come one and all to one of the greatest days in Australian horse racing, Crown Oaks Day. A action packed day filled with fun filly races, an impressive fashion theme and a massive purse just waiting to be won. So punters, professional or beginner, join in the action of the day, bet on some great races and otherwise enjoy all that the whole Melbourne Spring Racing carnival has to offer. So when this day, that all Aussie Crown Oaks Day betting punters love, finally comes around, don’t hesitate, for the best online sports betting is all found here.

Running since 1861 this magnificent event hosted on the third day of the Melbourne Spring carnival has never failed to please. With beautiful horses racing their hearts out and thousands upon thousands of intrepid punters avidly awaiting the results as well as a massive purse to reward the winners, Crown Oaks Day has maintained that which all punters hold most dear, great horse racing bets. And for this its community has continued to grow throughout its life span because all who attend or otherwise enjoy the day have been hooked and drawn in by its amazing appeal. But it’s not just the Crown Oaks Day betting basics that this horse racing marvel has mastered, here again has it gone above and beyond.

Best Crown Oaks Day Betting Odds

TOP crown oaks day betting SITESMay 2024
1 IE allowed5/5100% Match up to $250 Bet now
2 IE allowed4.9/5100% Match Bet now
3 IE allowed4.8/5Login to see promotions Bet now

What Makes Crown Oaks Day Bets so Great

One of the classic benefits that separate this event from the other glorious events throughout Australia throughout the year is the feminine focus. Racing only the finest fillies from around the world this female oriented racing event, also known as Ladies day as a result, attempts to draw the lesser punting prone gender to the tracks. Crown Oaks Day aids this aim with a fashion themed style as well as the famous Fashion on the Fields event where women all across Australia get to show off their distinct and beautiful trends in a modelling like format. An attraction that brings everyone to the races indeed!

So despite the huge appeal of well-run and well-honed racing events and a magnificent array of fun events for everyone to join in and be a part of, this day also offers the punters of the group a few special bonuses. First and foremost is the $1 million purse, a huge and impressive invitation to those looking to win big. This is centred on a group of filly races including the ever famous 2500m Group 1 race. This massive purse attracts plenty of punters and with it another bonus of Crown Oaks Day. The 100,000 race goers alone weigh in a fair number, which to a vigilant punter can sway odds in unpredictable and lucrative ways. On this note punters should be aware of the vast number of bookies and bookmakers alike that post odds and Crown Oaks Day betting options, for a well found deal can make a win so much sweeter!

With 9 races all totalled throughout the day, punters will have plenty to bet on throughout the procession. But if the larger game is the idea then punters can use the big events that precede Crown Oaks Day to follow and keep track of the front horses. Utilising the past races to give them a well-earned and lucrative advantage.

Overall then this Australian classic has lasted through the years for several reasons, chief of these is that this event offers us the horse racing we all love, with a fashionable twist. A wholeheartedly familiar and yet unique experience every time. So Australia now’s the time to get punting down at the tracks, with a magnificent day of fun, winning Crown Oaks Day betting!